The obvious way to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your fingers is to slip on a pair of toasty gloves. People have been wearing gloves for centuries, with the shift from mittens to individually wrapped fingers the biggest upgrade in all that time. But traditional gloves don’t play nicely with our smartphones. Sure, you could stab uselessly at the touchscreen before slipping your glove off to use your phone. But wouldn’t you rather snag a good pair of touchscreen gloves?

All these gloves have some material or fingertip technology that works with touchscreens, but some are better than others. I tested each pair in this guide with my phone—I answered calls, browsed the web, and sent text messages—and also considered comfort, grip, and warmth, using them in around 40 degree-Fahrenheit weather. These are our favorites. 

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Adjust Your Phone’s Settings

There’s a pair of touchscreen gloves here to suit every situation, but before we dive in, I strongly recommend you increase the sensitivity of your phone’s touchscreen. Here’s how:

On an Android phone: Go to Settings, System, Languages and input, then Pointer speed, and then slide it to the max. Some Android phones also have an Increase touch sensitivity option you can find in the Display settings. 

On an iPhone: Go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, and tap 3D & Haptic Touch and adjust the slider to Light.

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