Michael Calore: It’s cramming them in there.

Lauren Goode: I’m really cramming them in. By the way, my recommendations are not uplifting. I’m just going to let you know. I should have caveated from the top. These are not fun. The second thing I’ve been doing is watching this 24-part series.

Michael Calore: Oh god.

Lauren Goode: On the Cold War. Mike is like, “Really?” OK. I talked to you doing about this the other day.

Michael Calore: You made fun of me for getting really into six books from Norwegian autofiction author Karl Ove Knausgård.

Lauren Goode: Yeah, because his book is called My Struggle. I am allowed to make fun of that, or at least raise an eyebrow at it.

Michael Calore: Yes. That’s what he wants.

Lauren Goode: OK. Yes.

Michael Calore: So anyway, about your 24-part documentary about the Cold War.

Lauren Goode: Yes. OK. It was produced by CNN in the late ’90s. I believe it was 1998 that it was released. And I may have found it somewhere on YouTube. I don’t want to get it taken down, so please, YouTube, don’t take it down before I finish watching it. But someone has published it in its entirety on YouTube.

And it’s a fascinating glimpse at history that is still—we are still very much affected by today. I mean, it’s so obvious, everything that’s going, I don’t even want to get into it. I’m like, I’ll just say it’s a really well reported and straightforward account of the Cold War and all of its forms and factions in all of the countries involved, in a way that I’m just finding fascinating.

Some of it I’ve read about in school. Some of it I probably didn’t learn enough about growing up, or I only learned certain sides of it from crummy history books. And so I highly recommend, if you have the time at night and you can’t sleep, checking out the Cold War documentary from CNN somewhere on YouTube. It’s out there.

Michael Calore: Or if you’re at the gym sitting on an exercise bike.

Lauren Goode: Sure. Why not?

Michael Calore: You can either watch a video of …

Lauren Goode: Yeah. STA will get your heart rate up.

Michael Calore: Yep.

Lauren Goode: Yep.

Michael Calore: Or you can watch dystopian animated sci-fi on Netflix, just saying.

Lauren Goode: Sure. That sounds great. This has been a really fun show, even though I don’t know whether our producer would agree. We love you, Boone. Julian, thank you so much for joining us. It’s always a pleasure having you on.

Julian Chokkattu: Thank you very much for having me.

Lauren Goode: And thanks, Mike, for being a really great cohost.

Michael Calore: Well, thank you, Lauren.

Lauren Goode: And my primary Pixel friend.

Michael Calore: I look forward to sending you more links to photos.

Lauren Goode: All right. Thanks to all of you for listening. If you have feedback, you can find all of us on Twitter. Just check the show notes. And if you feel like it, leave us a review in Apple Podcasts. Our producer is the excellent and very patient Boone Ashworth. Goodbye for now. We’ll be back next week.

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