Bundle yourself up in blankets and PJs, mix up that hot cocoa, and plunk down on the sofa with a good movie or book. That’s what this time of the year is for. These deals on bedding and warm clothing can help. With the right pajamas, comforters, and loungewear, you can go from sleep time to daytime without a frigid moment. If your home tends to be drafty and cold, take a look at our guide on winterizing your home.

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Bedding Deals

Brooklyn Bedding mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress

Photograph: Brooklyn Bedding

We’ve got bedtime down to a science with our guides to the Best Mattresses and Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks. Check out our Best Towel Warmers guide if you like to head straight from bed to shower in the morning.

WIRED reviews director Jeffrey Van Camp called this the best firm mattress he’s tested—and he’s tested a lot. Hybrid mattresses combine traditional springs with foam. They tend to provide the benefits of each type of construction, and most of our favorite mattresses are hybrids. 

You’ll see the 50 percent discount at checkout. These bed sheets are made of a combination of cotton and rayon, a fiber derived from bamboo. Unlike microfiber, satin, and flannel, cotton and cotton blends keep you from getting as clammy under the sheets. These deep-pocket sheets will fit on mattresses as thick as 17 inches, which should be enough for even the thickest foam and hybrid-foam mattresses on the market. You can choose the size you want in the drop-down menu. 

Casper Glow Lights sitting on table next to book and glasses

Casper Glow Light

Photograph: Casper

Rather than a lot of buttons, this sunrise alarm relies on gestures (and a smartphone app) to function. Set it at night to gradually dim like an artificial sunset and to gradually brighten at a set time in the morning, just like a sunrise. It mimics natural rhythms so that falling asleep is more calming and waking up is less jarring. Read more about it here. You can also buy just one for $116 ($13 off).

I’ve used this comforter for a few years now, and even on the coldest winter nights, it’s warm enough to make me feel like a human toaster strudel. Goose down is expensive, but this comforter is well made. Prices vary based on color, size, and level of warmth. The synthetic down-alternative LaCrosse LoftAIRE comforter is also on sale with coupon code FRESH22 at checkout.

Clothing and Lounging Deals

Brooklinen Weighted Blanket resting on leather chair in living room

Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket

Photograph: Brooklinen

Staying warm is all about layering. Outdoor clothing can keep you warm inside, but you’ll be more comfortable if you choose loungewear and sleepwear made of softer fabrics. Check out our Best Winter Base Layers, Favorite Cold-Weather Gear Under $100, and Best Loungewear guides for more.

You’ll see the discount at checkout. If you’ve ever felt a certain comfort in a heavy blanket resting over you, then know you’re not just imagining things. Touch releases oxytocin in your brain, which calms and soothes you. Weighted blankets take advantage of that by being noticeably heavier than a normal blanket, mimicking a hug. Check our Best Weighted Blankets guide for more.

The Blanket Shirt is all about sustainability. The fabric is 100 percent organic cotton, and even the buttons are made from corozo nuts, for those who want to avoid plastics for ethical or sustainability reasons. Reviews editor Adrienne So recommends buying the men’s version if you really want to feel like you’re buttoned into a wearable blanket.

Eddie Bauer Skyliner 1936 Jacket

Eddie Bauer 1936 Skyliner Down Jacket

Photograph: Eddie Bauer

When the original Skyliner debuted in 1936, it was the first patented jacket in the US that used goose down as an insulation material. The rereleased version packs 145 grams of 650-fill goose down within a fabric shell comprised of 56 percent cotton and 44 percent nylon. Stock is limited for the tall version, so try different colors or switch to the regular size. 

These matching full-set pajamas come in a variety of textures, such as flannel and waffle knit. The regular fit gives you extra room without feeling restrictive, and the cotton fabric keeps you from feeling stuffy, which can happen more easily with synthetic fabrics. The discount code applies to a variety of styles. 

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Sweater Sweatshirt Hood and Hoodie

Pangaia 365 Signature Hoodie

Photograph: Pangaia

This oversized hoodie has a thick hood and structured wrist cuffs. It has a slouchy fit and a roomy front pocket, perfect for lazily lounging on the couch. It’ll keep you warm and has held up in our testing after multiple washes. Plus, you can get it in tons of fun colors. The men’s sizing is also on sale.

This hoodie is surprisingly well-fitted. It doesn’t hug too tight, and it’s not too baggy. Just right. It’s relatively warm, stylish, and the fleece inner is very comfortable and soft. You can pair it with the Jaspe Fleece Jogger to complete the look, and it’s also on sale for $55 ($24 off).

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